Company profile

Gnass Limited by Share Ltd (GLAS) was founded in October 2000, the national high-tech enterprises, the new three board listed listing Corporation. Mainly engaged in optical components of the two pressure type, non spherical optical precision molding, optical lens and mold processing, optical lens cold processing and optical lens assembly, has now become a major optical supporting manufacturing enterprises.

Gnass to use a long time for the famous camera brand to provide advanced manufacturing technology, and solve the high consistency optical performance (Gnass all lenses default nd value tolerance of 30 x 10-5), integrated optical cold processing and precision metal processing, set up optical lens set up production lines, production and sales of security surveillance camera, car lens and other optical lenses.

Magnus to innovation for customers of design process, to reduce procurement costs, strong mould design and manufacturing capacity utilization, the integration capacity of the pressure type, the traditional pressure type, precision pressing, cutting, grinding, polishing and tempered, coating, glue, blackened processing is carried out on any material and optical glass. And can be for large size glass and ultra-thin glass, ultra smooth polishing, and the non spherical precision molding technology to produce automotive lens, lamp assembly, LED street lamps, airport runway lights, etc., to provide customers with excellent performance products.

Gnass's value is to meet the various needs of different industries to the optical system, to provide customers with a variety of high performance optical products, professional supply and service.

Company headquarters: high tech Zone, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Company production base: Ya'an Sichuan Economic Development Zone (Chengdu 110KM)